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For Research On Consecrated Life

Update on the Progress of Phase I

As Phase I of the Apostolic Visitation nears its completion, I am happy to report that I have had personal conversations with 127 superiors general of women religious institutes in Rome, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago and Hamden, Connecticut. About fifty other congregation leaders have responded to Phase I of the Visitation by letter.

I believe that some of the finest Catholic women religious in the United States have shared their stories, hopes, dreams and concerns about the sisters they love and the congregations to which they have generously given their lives.

In preparation for our meetings, the major superiors with their councils and, in many cases, all the members of their communities, prayerfully reflected on the current realities of their congregations. The superiors I have met have displayed a deep desire to articulate their congregation’s commitment to serving the needs of the Church today in accordance with their founding charism.

This first phase of the Apostolic Visitation will be completed by July 31, 2009. I invite any superior general who was unable to make contact with me previously and who would like to meet with me before that date, to do so by contacting the Visitation Office  through the means listed on this website. I will have some availability in Rome between June 22 and June 27. I would also be able to schedule an appointment between July 21 and July 31 in Hamden, Connecticut. Skype, phone and letter are also still options.

I welcome the comments posted by the superiors general  and hope you enjoy reading them as well. Thank you for your prayers that the Apostolic Visitation will promote the vitality of women religious in the United States.

Mother Clare Millea, A.S.C.J.
Apostolic Visitator